Proper child’s dinner meal for a healthy sleep

After turning one or one and a half years, our children already have passed from baby food to a normal food. Very often, the mothers ask themselves which is the most appropriate type of food for the children and especially what to serve for dinner in order their baby to have a calm sleep without stomachache.

Let’s start that the best time for dinner of the little children is from 18:30 till 19:00-19:30. As we suppose the child will go to bed around 20:30, it’s good to have at least an hour and a half between the dinner and sleep time. This way the child’s stomach will have the opportunity to process the food.
Of course, it matters what food we give to the child so to grow healthy and strong. The children need big variety in their menu in order to develop properly. We should not forget about the whole grain food, the diary milk products, meat and fish and, of course, most of all fruits and vegetables.

This is a period when the kids grow fast and the parents often think they should feed their little ones with big quantities of food (equal to the quantities for adults). But that’s not right. This could lead to overfeeding and from here to obesity from early childhood. That’s why it’s important to watch the type and quantity of food which we offer to our child.

For a child’s dinner it’s appropriate to serve around 100-200 g vegetables, a little salad, a bit of bread, around 150 g milk or milk dessert. It’s good to coordinate the dinner with the rest of the daily menu. If you have served for lunch rice, for example, it would be good to avoid rice for dinner. If you have included meat in the lunch, don’t serve it for dinner and vice versa. It’s a very good idea to serve soup for dinner accompanied with a little bit of bread and milk dessert. If you choose to serve meat for dinner, so don’t make it more than 50-80 g, in order to be processed easier by the kid’s stomach. The fish is also something very healthy to be eaten from our children and to be included in the dinner meal.

In conclusion, it’s recommended for the dinner to be composed by more vegetables and food which is easier to be processed, in order to avoid digestive problems throughout the night. This way the sleep of your child will be better and healthier.