How to strengthen the relationship between father and newborn child

A new human being is born into this world! Your child!
Since the birth of the baby, in most if the cases the mother is the one who is constantly around it. She is with the baby in its first days in the hospital, she is hugging it, wearing it… In most of the cases she is the one who is building the fastest relationship with the new family member. But where is the dad? For the father bonding with his child is not always happening from the beginning. Some dads don’t setting apart of the baby from the very first moment they see it at home, others are building this relation thoughout the time. In both cases the relation father-child could be very, very strong.
Especially if you are parents for a first time, the dad could face some difficulties what to do with the little person. In this article we will give you some ideas what the father could do for bonding with his child faster and easier.

  1. Hug the baby often. Put your head close to the baby’s, so it could see you with its still non-perfect vision.
  2. Sing to the baby while watching it in the eye.
  3. When it cries, hug it, swing it and walk with it around the room. This way, the baby will accustom that you could comfort it as well.
  4. If the baby drinks milk from a bottle, it’s easy for you to feed it several times a day. Also, you could feed it some of the nights of the week. The night is a calm and quiet period and this will make the bonding moment even stronger.
  5. Talk to the baby. Read him a book. Let it hear your voice close to it. The monotonous voice comfort the babies and they could even fall asleep while listening to it.
  6. Do it silly faces or imitate its sounds. For a little baby this is a wonderful way to play.
  7. Go out for a walk. With a carrier or a sling, the baby will be close to you and together you could enjoy the fresh air out there.
  8. Sometimes you could replace the mother by making a baby massage. 10-15 minutes before sleep time will contribute for your strong relationship.
  9. Change the diaper of your baby when you can.
  10. Dance together. Play your favorite music, hug the baby and move around a little bit. You will transfer your good mood to your child.
  11. Take part in the evening bath of the baby. Sometimes these are moments of great fun.

At the end of the day it’s not so important the quantity of time you spent with your child but its quality. Make the time worth it and strengthening your mutual relationship. After all, the most important is to have fun together!