How to make a baby massage

Massaging your baby is an excellent opportunity for bonding with your baby. Touching the soft baby skin could produce a great effect over your child and over you as well.
Besides, being enjoyable, the baby massage is also very beneficial and healthy for the baby.

Here are some of the advantages of making baby massage:

  • It strengthens the baby immune system
  • Improves the muscle tone and the coordination
  • Relieves the colic, gas and constipation
  • Helps the blood circulation
  • Relieves the teething pain
  • Helps the good healthy sleep
  • -Increase the weight gain of the tiny babies
  • Calms the baby and reduces his crying

In order to avoid stomach problems, it won’t be good making massage to your baby immediately before or after feeding your little one.
Make a nice and appropriate environment for making the baby massage – warm room, dim light, warm blanket under the baby, suitable massage oil, preferably calm baby. One of the best periods for massaging the baby is after the evening bath. This way the massage will sooth your child and will help him get to sleep easier.

  1. Start the massage from the legs. Put some massage oil on your hands and wrap them around the tights of the baby. Gently and carefully pass your hands down the leg to the feet. Then with your thumbs massage the feet while stressing gently on the arch. This movement helps prevent from deformities of the feet. Repeat the same with the other leg. Gently bend the legs of the baby in the knees, one by one. Massage gently the toes as well.
  2. Continue with massage of the chest and tummy. Start from the middle of the chest, while making gentle movements with your hands from the hearth to the outer part of the chest in both directions. Then go to the tummy making clockwise movements. Massage the baby until it sooths.
  3. Massage the arms with light twisting movements. Wrap the baby arms and move your hands towards the baby hands. Then massage the little fingers.
  4. Nice and easy massage the head of the baby – the forehead and the cheeks. With two of your fingers gently touch the baby forehead and go down to the cheeks. Do not massage close to the eyes and nose, because this could make the baby feel uncomfortable.
  5. Put the baby on his tummy. Massage his back gently starting the movements inside out. Then go the shoulders and the waist.

Don’t tickle your baby while massaging him, because this will cheer him up and won’t help him go to sleep easy.
If you massage your baby every evening, this will be a sign for your child that the time for sleep is close by. This will help build him a daily regimen.

We wish you pleasant moments with the baby massage.