color photographs of a baby boy

How to make good pictures of my baby

I haven’t met a mom who doesn’t want to make beautiful pictures of her baby, exactly at the moment when it is the cutest, the funniest and the most adorable baby of the whole world. To make good pictures you doesn’t necessarily need to be a professional photographer nor to have the best technical equipment. It’s just enough to follow some basic rules and you’ll have great results even with your phone camera.

Here are some rules to follow when you make pictures of your sweet little baby:

  • Keep your camera handy, so you could react quickly when you find yourself and your baby in an appropriate situation.
  • Choose the right time of the day, when your baby is usually in a good mood – it has slept, it has already eaten, it’s joyful and wants to play with you.
  • Choose a simple background for your pictures. The overcrowded picture will distract the attention apart of the main object – your precious child. You could do a proper background by yourself – just place a white sheet and put your baby on it. Try to use single color backgrounds – this is how the main object distinguishes much more!
  • Choose single color clothes to put on your baby – the soft light colors are more than perfect!
  • Choose proper lightning for your pictures. The best is the daylight! And from the daylight, the most appropriate hours for pictures are early morning and late afternoon – when the sun is close to the horizon.
  • Put the baby in the center of the picture. The newborn babies are sleeping almost the whole day that’s why you could allow yourself to position the baby in the best pose. One of such poses is to put you baby lie down on its belly and to bend its small arms under its head. Try it
  • Shoot details – two bare foots of your playful baby, the eyelashes on its sleepy face, the small fingers of its hands that are holding your hand – beautiful moments that you could capture in a gorgeous photograph.
  • Get yourself to the level of its eyes and make the picture from that angle.
  • Make a lot of pictures one after another. This is how you improve your chance to have at least one marvelous photo.
  • Download an app on your phone that allows you to edit your pictures. There are great apps for doing this, many of them totally free of charge. Good apps are Fotor Photo Editor, Pixlr, Snapseed.
  • Experiment!

Try to keep these basic rules and soon you will find out how your pictures are improving more and more.
Have a nice photo shooting.