Music and child’s development

The music plays an important role in many aspects in our life – holidays, theater, movies, TV, celebrations, games etc.
But it has even major role when we talk about our children. Since birth, parents use music to calm their baby, they are singing songs to let it sleep easier, to entertain it, to dance together etc.

How the music influence the child’s development.

Apart from entertaining, the music influence the development of the children. Various researches made by scientific institutes prove that the music has its effect over the physical, emotional and intellectual development of the kids, it improves their cognitive and sensory skills.
When you play music to your child, this will activate the respective brain pathways responsible for different skills – creativity, spatial intelligence etc.

The music influence the following areas in the children’s development (and not only):

  • Memory – the scientists believe that the music helps children to memorize easier
  • Creativity – it is proved that children that listen to music more often or visit specialized music classes are performing better when it comes to creativity
  • Spatial intelligence – when we listen to music, classic for instance, the spatial pathways in our brain are “turning on” and are ready to be used.
  • Mathematics – according to some researches made among children who took intensive music classes, those children perform 30% better in resolving mathematical problems, compared to children who attended standard music classes.
  • Learning new languages – listening to music contributes a lot for improving the auditory memory, for identifying different sounds, for improving the capacity of decoding sound models – all these are skills that are quite important when learning new languages
  • Emotional intelligence – while listening to music, the children learn to identify different emotions, transferred through the music. This enhances their emotional intelligence.
  • Creating art – it is proven that the music favors the creation of art – drawing, painting, writing etc.

There are no rules what type of music should the children listen to. Just experiment and try – play the music you as parents like and watch its effect on your child. When some test were conducted, it was proven that the children love to listen to melodic music. Special place takes the classical music. It has more complex structure that even the 3 month old babies could identify. Sometimes they memorize specific fragments and they react positively when they hear them.

This doesn’t mean that other types of music are not suitable. Just try!

The music in the different ages of the child

From birth to 3 years old

  • Play music to the baby
  • Sing songs to your little one
  • Sing together

From 3 years to 4 years old

  • Dance together while listening to music
  • Try and give your child to make its own music – some easy to use musical instruments as xylophone, drums, toy-piano or tambourine would do a great job and the child would be amazed by what it could do.

From 4 to 6 years old

  • The child is already old enough to take its first music classes and learn to play an instrument – strings or piano would be great. This will teach him to be patient, creative, will improve its motor skills and many other abilities.


In conclusion, do not hesitate to play music to your baby even from the birth. This could only enrich and help their development. Together enjoy the beautiful sounds created by so many musical artists!