Why do we recommend a sleeping bag

Do you remember your mommy telling you how she was watching over you all night long? How she was afraid that you could get a cold because you were constantly uncovered?
The truth is that most babies are moving a lot during their sleep. It is very common to put your baby on its bed for sleep, put the blanket, give a kiss goodnight and after an hour find the baby at the opposite side of the bed. And of course, no blanket at all. You leave your bed several times at night for putting back the blanket because if you don’t, the baby will start crying and eventually get a cold.
All this is completely unnecessary! Nowadays, fortunately, the sleeping bags are already invented. Their huge advantage consists in the simple fact that the baby can’t get uncovered and it sleeps all night long at a perfect temperature. At the same time, the sleeping bag delicately hugs your baby. It feels safe and even if it moves a lot it can’t get a cold. This way, the whole family has a good night sleep that could be broken by anything but uncovered baby.