Advices for a good baby sleep

Almost every parent has been wondering what to do so the baby has a better and calm sleep during the night. Based on the experience shared with us by many mothers, we have gathered for you several advices for a good baby sleep.

  • Accustom your baby to go in bed every night at the same time.
  • When you notice that your baby is already sleepy (about 15 minutes before its usual bed time) put it lying on the bed to calm down and to realize that bed time is coming. If every night before bed time you are having noisy fun together, the baby will get used to expect that and the transition to its sleep will be more difficult.
  • Give your baby to hug something – a favorite soft toy, delicate blanket, a muslin cloth etc.
  • Play some music – gentle lullaby, nature sounds or appropriate classical music.
  • From the very beginning try to establish a series of actions which the baby will use to associate with the sleep preparation – taking a bath, putting on a pajamas, drinking the night milk, reading a story, wishing “Good night”.
  • Make the night set different – keeping more silence, darkening the room will help the baby’s biological clock tune with the approaching sleep time.
  • Aerate your baby room immediately before bed time – 5 or 10 minutes of an wide opened window will vitalize the air in the room, will freshened it and make it much more healthy.