babies playing

What games to play with my baby?

In the very first days after our baby was born, playing with it consists mostly in watching and enjoying it while sleeping, eating or just lying in its bed. The baby is still too young to realize what to play a game is.
But the time is flying so fast that soon enough our baby starts to understand more and to play a game with it makes more sense. Of course, the games vary in the different ages because our baby learns new abilities every day.
Today, we will give you some ideas for games suitable for children up to one year old.


Playing baby Peek-a-Boo always fascinates the little ones and very often they start a truly charming laugher. Simply stand in front of your baby and hide your face with your hands. Then show your face saying: “Peek-a-boo, who is here” or whatever other refrain which you might like. Make that several times and it’s quite sure that your baby will start constantly laugh. At this young age, the babies can’t realize that you’re still there if you hide your face. That’s why when you show them your eyes they are really happy that you’re back.

Singing a song

Most babies adore the music and the songs. Besides being fun, the music is also very good for the development of your child, so don’t be afraid to have beautiful music at home during the whole day.

Dancing with the baby

If you include a dance together with the songs – that would be great! Hug your sweet baby and while singing, start dancing gently with it. You will be amazed how much it likes it!

Play with different fabrics and materials

Put different types of fabric in your baby’s hands to play with  – a small piece of silk, velvet, corduroy, burlap, rustling piece of nylon etc. Of course, be around, so to be sure that the baby is playing with the fabrics and not eating them, for instance.

Read a poem

The babies are fond of the voices of their mom and dad. The rhymes are very euphonious. Read them different poems in expressive voice. You will see how the baby starts to listen and is enchanted by what it hears.

A bottle-rattle

Empty one of the smallest plastic bottles you have and fill it with different things – once with rice, next time with hazelnuts or small rocks, with lentils or colored water. Give your baby the bottle to play with it or you hold it and show it how the filling is moving.

Playing with rattles

Of course, the rattles are among the best manufactured toys for babies. Use them in all their variety. Choose those with sounds that are not scary for your child. The babies love to play with them.

Tear a paper

Some babies are really fascinated by tearing paper. They find it big fun and can spend even an hour tearing the paper on small pieces. Choose softer paper or napkins. Give it a try!

Doing your workout

Every mom, after giving birth, wants to get back in shape. You can do your daily workout for losing weight while your baby is lying in its bed and watching you. Very often it is big fun for the baby watching its mom jumping around or playing peek-a-boo while making squats. What more could you ever want – perfect combination 2 in 1 – super workout for mom and a great fun for the baby.

We hope you like our ideas for playing games with your baby. Try some of them and watch how your little one is enjoying playing with you. And still, don’t forget that sometimes the babies just need to lie down and contemplate the world around them – at that moment they are just relaxing. Leave them enjoying their personal time until they are bored.

Then play!